Release Highlights SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111

What’s new with the SAP S/4HANA 2111 release?


Order and contract management
  • Create and edit sales orders with the SAP Fiori app “Process Sales Orders”
  • Monitoring the delivery schedules of the sales scheduling agreement
  • Enabling the logistical follow-up activity “Send back to customer”
  • Integration of customer returns with internal repairs
  • SAP Fiori app support for inspection splits during the replacement process
  • SAP GTS: Conformity check results and standard update sales scheduling agreements


Service Master Data & Agreement Management and Service Operations & Processes
  • Product proposal in the product list
  • Massive changes in the billing rules
  • Improved planning of service orders based on spare parts reservation
  • Improved integration of service orders and SAP Field Service Management
  • Bi-directional replication between service orders and service calls
  • Support for third party processes in solution orders
  • Supported extensibility in the solution order

Sourcing & Procurement

Supplier Management, Sourcing & Contract Management, Operational Procurement, Invoice Management, Procurement Analytics, and Central Procurement
  • Linking the material object with the footprint
  • Carbon footprint data at material level in the material value help
  • New app “Manage Supplier Confirmations”
  • New user interface for pricing in purchasing contracts for time-dependent conditions

R&D and Engineering

Enterprise Portfolio & Project Management, Product Compliance, and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Resource requirements with direct staffing in the “Manage Project Demand” application
  • Work breakdown structure maintenance via drag & drop
  • Extensibility for developers in company projects
  • Updated regulation content
  • New SAP Fiori app for classification according to the Global Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Support for compliance with Brexit and Northern Ireland Protocol requirements
  • External systems now have the ability to read substance volume tracking data

Supply Chain

Inventory, Warehousing, Order Promising, Advanced Order Promising, Delivery & Transportation, and Logistics Material Identification
  • Inventory KPI Analysis: Filter for inventory consumption group
  • Separate SSCUIs evaluation
  • Warehouse management: Overview of APIs
  • Warehouse monitor enhancements: Output list
  • Transport management configuration


Product Engineering, Production Planning, Production Operations, Extended Production Planning & Scheduling, and Quality Management
  • Enabling equipment resource tools
  • Use of equipment, production resources and tools for manufacturing
  • Scenario for integration of MRP change requests
  • Enabling time-dependent stock levels
  • Calculation of Kanban control loops based on simulative forecast data
  • Kanban board: use of field extension to display additional storage location data
  • Improved First Article Inspection (FAI):
    • Improved monitoring or FAI inspection lots
    • Warning message in inspection lot

Asset Management

Maintenance Management, Asset Operations & Maintenance, and Environment, Health & Safety
  • Multiple apps: Checking the criticality of orders and assets
  • New functions in “View Maintenance Schedule for Assets”
  • New functions in “Manage Schedules”

More information about all new, changed, and deleted functions can be found here.