SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud is a sales solution developed for sales representatives. With the Sales Cloud, you provide your sales representatives with all the data they need in one solution that is available anytime and anywhere on any device and any platform.

The SAP Sales Cloud helps to efficiently manage daily sales and service interactions by sending and receiving signals between front and back office solutions and providing a unified view of the customer. The Sales Cloud enables the synchronization of business partners, materials and orders and the independent management of leads, opportunities and campaigns, enabling lead management in real time with centralized customer and opportunity management and the automation and intelligent creation of quotations and contracts.

With the Sales Cloud, every aspect – from initial customer contact to project completion – is optimized in a single application.

Your advantages at a glance

Mobile online and offline functions enable you to work at any desired location and on any device

Real-time lead management using centralized customer and opportunity management

Automated and intelligent creation of offers and contracts

User-friendly and customizable dashboard

Precise sales forecasts

Real-time customer and business insight, including predictive analytics

Functions of SAP Sales Cloud

Through the SAP Sales Cloud you get a 360-degree view of customer information, tasks and surveys, as well as actions relevant to customer visits. The Sales Cloud enables you to capture, qualify and convert leads into opportunities. These opportunities can be further maintained and evaluated with comprehensive customer information, phase-relevant activities, and competition data until they can be incorporated into the quotation process. Once the quotations are accepted, you can create sales orders that can be processed further in the Back Office. In the meantime, sales representatives can use the sales forecast to forecast their potential business and compare it continuously with their quotas.

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