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Everyone is talking about the digital transformation. But if you ask more precisely what each individual understands by it, the answers vary widely and present a company with fundamental challenges.

Questions like:

  • Are our processes even possible?
  • Do we perhaps even have to change our business model?
  • What degree of automation is possible?
  • Which automation do we really want?
  • In which processes do we have to stand out from our competitors now or in the future?

We will have to face all these and other questions in the future.

What will remain, however, is the principle of hanging things up on the business process. If you analyze the processes today, the information is available in different formats or has to be created or delivered in different formats during the process. On the one hand this is structured data, such as application data, but also information on paper or documents in electronic form. In order to digitize a process, a machine-readable format is required. Experience shows that the earlier electronic data can be accessed, the greater the savings in the digitised process.

SAP xECM by OpenText connects the processes (ERP, CRM, SRM, etc.) with the unstructured content (email, Word, Excel, pdf, etc.). The platform enables you to optimize your processes in SAP and beyond system boundaries and also to include today's mobile aspects.

Your advantages at a glance

Optimization/automation of processes through machine-readable formats

Cost reduction through reduction of multiple filings/decentralized archives

Increase of process efficiency by enrichment of information of relevant unstructured content

Cooperation across application and system boundaries is encouraged

Transparency and consistency by using SAP® data, structures and authorizations

Organization and controlled connection to unstructured content

Risk reduction through control of enterprise content over the complete life cycle

Compliance with legal data protection, archiving and retention requirements

Thomas Schenk

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