SAP Services

As an SAP Partner Center of Expertise we are able to support you in the planning and implementation of the latest SAP S4 releases. In doing so, we rely on the procedures and tools recommended by SAP. We support you through all steps until the implementation of your S4 solution is completed.

Our consultants are continuously trained on the latest SAP and OpenText versions. We have many customers who do not build up internal OpenText resources and who hire us for release upgrades. We offer individual Service Level Agreements to customers who do not want to build up their own resources due to lack of expertise, bottlenecks or overload. We offer the entire range of services from small selective support to complete outtasking.

Our SAP services:

  • Architecture SAP landscape
  • SAP Basis including multinational operation
  • New implementation of S4 (green and brownfield approach)
  • Conversion to S4
  • All current modules
  • SOLMAN (transport system, ALM, ITSM)
  • SAP Sales / Commerce Cloud with Cloud Integration
  • Concur implementation

OpenText Services

Data & document management

There may be legal, organizational or IT-related reasons for archiving data. We have extensive experience in archiving structured and unstructured data and can assist you with the conception as well as the implementation.

Merging or disassembling archives

We know from experience that the assumption that archives are not subject to change is incorrect. There are always situations in the business world where archives have to be merged or separated.

  • Sale of a company / business unit
  • Purchase of a company / business unit
  • New access rules
  • Data protection

Our specialists can help you to merge or split your archives and meet your expectations.

Legacy archiving and system decommissioning

We have assisted customers in several projects to archive and decommission their old legacy systems. For example, we archived the SAP systems of a major bank before their replacement in such a way that the legal conditions were met and that the archives were made accessible to the new system.

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