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SAP GTS (Global Trade System) automates trade processes in SAP. Today, trade takes place mostly worldwide, with delivery routes crossing several borders and using different transport routes. A large number of documents, receipts, approvals and order- or delivery order-related documents are generated. Keeping track of this is sometimes a major challenge.  SAP GTS is usually installed in a separate system, serving several ERP systems and company codes as backend.   DW-GTS Solution enables centralised document creation in the GTS system and links and links all relevant documents to the respective ERP system managing the order. The linking of information enables the respective users to complete their tasks quickly and in a high quality. Relevant customs, freight and forwarding documents are also made available to the ERP system and displayed transparently.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Consistent process view in ERP with GTS data
  • Possibility to connect several clients
  • Audit-proof archiving of data on an external archive
  • Legally compliant archiving and storage of data

Possible processes:

  • Support of SAP GTS (Global Trade System) processes
  • Connection dW customer file
  • Connection dW order file

Easy Archive

EasyArchive is a solution platform that is anchored in the SAP system as a pure add-on. The implementation does not require any modifications to SAP sources. You can use EasyArchive for any data archiving scenario supported by SAP and thus realize simultaneous access to online and offline data. Resulting from our long-time project experience in the SAP data archiving environment, we currently offer the following solution component.

  • SD document flow
  • MM Purchasing History
  • FI account view

data world consulting ag offers you these scenarios individually or bundled with competent consulting services. The service includes the delivery of the SAP transports of the desired components. In addition, 2 consultant days per component can be assumed for the implementation. The consulting service includes

  • the preparation of the implementation (in advance by telephone)
  • Customizing and testing the SAP Archive Information System
  • Activation and test of the selected component
  • Administrator Training
  • Integration of pre-archived data into the solution
  • and inclusion of special requirements

Of course, these services can also be integrated in the course of an SAP data archiving project, which can save you additional costs. If you have requirements for EasyArchive that are not covered by the example scenarios available so far or if the standard scenarios should be extensively adapted, we will be happy to implement them in a separate project according to the time and effort involved.

Migration platform

In the course of larger migration projects, we have supported customers with our infrastructure and a migration platform. In addition to consulting and programming services, we provide the customer with the temporarily required hardware, licenses and integration tools during the migration project. Are you expecting big changes? We offer you extensive support in planning and conception, as well as in implementation and control. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


If the archiving of outgoing documents in the area of Materials Management and Sales&Distribution is not started with the introduction of the SAP system, there is often the wish to carry out a post-archiving of all outgoing documents printed so far. This requirement is met by our solution package Rearchive for SAP. The program offered in this solution package

enables the subsequent archiving of the following objects in SAP:

  • Purchasing documents
  • Sales documents
  • Shipping documents
  • Invoicing documents

The program works with the currently available data. If data is changed after printing, documents are archived with the changed data. This applies both to SAP Script and to forms in OpenText form management. The solution includes the delivery of the program together with detailed documentation by mail. The following prerequisites must be met before subsequent archiving is possible.

  • All data required for this must still be available in the system.
  • All printed documents must have been output via output control.
  • All printed documents must still exist in table NAST.
  • The Customizing settings for archiving the corresponding output types must be available, since this Customizing is used to determine the correct document type for archiving.

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