SAP Analytics Cloud

What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a unified decision-making solution for real-time analytics and advanced planning. The intuitive cloud solution combines Enterprise Planning, Business Intelligence and Augmented Analytics. SAC consolidates cross-application data to enable faster and more secure decision-making and alignment of strategic, financial and operational plans.

The solution provides insights into the collected “old data", the current situation and forward-looking trends for all decision makers, and uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to show the next steps for optimal value creation.

Your advantages at a glance

SAC combines analytics and planning in a single solution in the cloud

Analysis and planning level of the BTP and smooth integration in SAP applications and sources

Live connection to local applications to avoid uploading data to the cloud

Comprehensive in-memory data management and analytics

Real time visualization of key figures

Optimized decision-making thanks to live planning functions

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to enhance analyses

Intuitive Self-Service-Analyses

Faster deployment and lower costs thanks to ready-made best practice scenarios for different business areas and industries

Why switch to SAP Analytics Cloud?

Enterprise Planning

  • Anticipate business requirements
  • Cross-divisional planning thanks to combination of different solutions
  • Collaborate across data points, reports and group discussions online from any device
  • Create and modify versions for data-driven budgeting, forecasting and analytics via a cloud interface

Cutting edge analyses with a complete solution

  • Leverage the full SAP data context
  • Automate data-driven insights by integrating BI, Augmented & Predictive Analytics and Business Planning with AI and Machine Learning
  • Quickly assemble specialized analytics applications to meet individual business needs
  • Interactive visualization capabilities
  • Customization of analytics and planning applications to meet individual business needs
  • Ability to design applications with little or no code
  • Excel integration

Agile decisions with integrated planning and analysis

  • Instant transition from insights to action in a single user experience
  • Scenario simulation
  • Automatic plan generation from predictions
  • Machine-driven analysis and insights across all dimensions
  • Visualization of scenarios and impact of decisions
  • Pre-built dynamic dashboards
  • Real-time access to key KPIs

Ready-made business content

  • Best practices for analysis and planning from SAP business process experts
  • Library of reusable widgets, flexible and modular APIs and open connectors
  • Accelerated implementation thanks to ready-made best practice industry and functional scenarios
Ismael Hares
Head of Sales
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