Our Mission

As IT consultants we want to

  • Support our customers in their success with professionalism and exceptional solutions
  • Together with our customers, implement our solutions efficiently and effectively
  • Bring projects to success in a systematic and goal-oriented manner

Employee Principles

Every dW employee is personally committed and dedicated to find the best possible solution to the customer`s problem.

Work in interdisciplinary teams with:

    • The expert knowledge required for the customer problem
    • Clear customer responsibility
    • Tight project organization for market and customer-oriented solutions
    • Customer engagement and learning processes

By involving our customers in the process of analysis and implementation, we create the preconditions for the rapid and sustainable realization of entrepreneurial projects.

Social Commitment

Despite the high level of competition in a fast-growing industry, we are always looking to be socially engaged and add value to society.

Autism in the workplace
As SAP and other IT companies have already started to do, we are committed to employ people with Asperger's syndrome.

Training and support of apprentices
We consider it as an important task to train apprentices and to support them on their way into the professional world. We give young people the chance to gain our diverse knowledge and learn from our experiences.

Support of employees with training
You never stop learning! That's why we not only support employees in further education, but also accompany students during their studies and term papers.

Junior Chamber International JCI Bern
The JCI is an international network for young managers and entrepreneurs in the Bern region. Through its support we make an important contribution to the promotion of local entrepreneurship (www.jci-bern.ch)