Solution documentation in SAP Solution Manager

The solution documentation, consisting of the technical landscape and business documentation, is the basis for all other functions of the SAP Solution Manager. The documentation describes the technical components, whether SAP or non-SAP, the core business processes and interfaces. The solution documentation makes the solution landscape and business processes transparent and fully exploits the potential of SAP Enterprise Support.

Your advantages at a glance

Transparent solution landscape and business processes

Documentation of related system and software components

Accelerates IT activities and improves their results

Documentation of core business processes

Documentation of related technical objects such as transactions, programmes, custom codes, background jobs and interfaces

The solution documentation is always up-to-date through cost-efficient and controlled updating

How is the solution documentation created?

If the implementation projects are used correctly, sufficient solution documentation is automatically generated in the operation and optimization phase. If documentation is not started until the operational phase, the core business processes of the corresponding company must be documented in SAP Solution Manager. This requires only part of the information needed for a complete implementation project.

During the entire life cycle of SAP Solution Manager, the solution documentation can be continuously enriched:


  • Create global business templates and specifications


  • Create or adapt the business process structure on site during the regional implementation project


  • Enhancement of business process documentation during solution configuration with customized code documentation, configuration information, test cases, etc.


  • The business process documentation can be re-documented or adapted during operation


  • Verification of the business documentation before upgrades are carried out

Technical landscape documentation

The technical landscape documentation is created during the basic configuration of SAP Solution Manager. the documentation documents systems, servers, databases and software components. the technical landscape documentation is written by the system administrators and technical SAP Solution Manager experts. the data is displayed and maintained under SAP Solution Manager Administration and System Landscape Management.

Business documentation

Business documentation combines technical solution documentation with business information. it documents (core) business processes, project documentation, test cases, interfaces and customer-specific code. The business documentation is maintained by solution architects. The data is displayed and maintained under Solution Documentation Assistant.

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