Requirements Management

Requirements management in SAP Solution Manager

Requirements management with SolMan 7.2 enables the control of change management for new so-called requirements that are needed by the business departments in the company from a business perspective, and thus forms an important interface between the business department and IT.

Many companies that use SolMan for their ITSM processes have solely missed an input channel for requirements from the business department. Today, requirements are still collected, evaluated and passed on to the IT department in cumbersome and lengthy processes. It is not uncommon for requirements to simply be sent to the responsible person by e-mail. Paper forms are still a frequently used medium to formulate and describe a requirement. These then wander through countless desks and committees until all the necessary approvals have been collected and all those involved have been informed.

SolMan 7.2 now offers a fully integrated process for requirements management. This is intended to cover the complete life cycle of the requirement from capture to realization and go-live. In SOLMAN there are two standard process types, the business requirement and the IT requirement. Both offer the complete functions analogous to Change Control Management.

Your advantages at a glance

Improved process flow

Improved process monitoring, faster response and processing times, automatic e-mail notifications

Mass update

Faster processing for management, all updates of requirements in one view

Predefined authorization roles

Roles can be easily maintained and adapted

Automatic e-mail notifications

Fast response times, short waiting and processing times, quick access to documents, process participants can immediately see the urgency and current status

Easy attachment of screenshots

Errors can be easily documented and attached, improved usability for end users

Automatic label determination

Short info about the assignment block only needs to be expanded if it contains content, saves loading time

Report cockpit

Discloses only the information you need for specific tasks

Business requirement

In the business requirement, the department can describe its request, prioritize it according to urgency and impact, categorize it, specify the desired implementation date and pass it on to the requirement manager or department head for evaluation.

The requester can use the so-called multi-level categorization for this purpose. Other categorization options may be required that are not provided in the standard delivery. These categorizations can be mapped e.g. via customer-specific fields.

IT requirement

In the IT requirement, effort estimates based on the activity type can be easily recorded in an additional allocation block and the definition of cost rates is made possible. This gives you a direct overview of planned and actual effort.

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