OpenText is pleased to announce the release of OpenText™ Content Suite 16.2.10 EP7 and OpenText™ Extended ECM 16.2.10 EP7. The Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms are from now on completely containerized for an improved provision and handling of implementations.

Innovations of the Extended ECM Platform 16.2.10

Version 16.2.10 provides important updates for intelligent automation and asynchronous processing.

  • Event Action Center automates content-driven processes by automatically starting actions and eliminating manual tasks to increase efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Event Action Center automatically creates a scheduled processing job when a business administrator configures the new process mode to run asynchronously in the action plan.
  • Event Action Center uses the scheduled processing job queue to process mass events asynchronously, providing greater autonomy and automation of content-driven actions.

Asynchronous processing

  • New process mode: when saving the action plan, the Scheduled Processing Framework automatically creates a preset job named Event Action Center.
  • Substantial changes to this preset job may only be made in the Event Action Center (Smart View).
  • Intelligent search functions are now applied to duplicated events.

For a complete list of new features and resolved issues, see Release Notes of the Extended ECM Platform 16.2. Release Notes

Innovations in Content Suite 16.7.0

Smart View usability

  • Faster browsing and viewing of Business Workspace.
  • Faster and easier uploading of files by dragging and dropping entire folders.
  • Optimized screen layout for advanced widgets.
  • Control of search-based Records Management scheduling.
  • Multi-selection of Records Management functions.
  • New functions for managing roles, permissions and relationships for business workspaces.


  • Workflow steps can now be used to create business workspaces.
  • Workflows can now be started from the Recently-Accessed widget, from Business Workspaces and Compound Documents.
  • Personal reminders allow users to quickly create tasks that they can assign to themselves.
  • reminders can be assigned to groups, improving team collaboration.
  • Advanced search now supports pattern searches for email addresses, user names and hashtags in full text.


  • DocuSign®, the third-party service, is now available as a workflow step.
  • Improve collaboration with users outside your organization by leveraging the new enhanced manager roles and audit and advanced synchronization features from OpenText™ Core Share.

Cloud ability

  • Sample Docker images and deployment scripts are now created to help customers develop their own Kubernetes and Docker deployment procedures.
  • The scope of automated deployment has been expanded to include export, import and scripting of over 500 configuration settings.
  • System Center now supports synchronization of updates, patches and language packs across managed environments.

Management and administration

  • User-friendly transport features have been enhanced (e.g. update transport package contents and select multiple objects to add to the transport system).
  • File format restrictions are now available for uploads based on type or name patterns.
  • Best bets can be configured to eliminate old values, which helps to improve the relevance of supported search results.
  • Search index recovery tools allow you to update a recovered index with the incremental changes made since the last backup date.
  • Collection contents can now be deleted by users with appropriate privileges.

For a complete list of new features and resolved issues, see Content Suite Release Notes.