Why complicate things when they can be simple?

Companies receive numerous invoices from suppliers every day. Processing these in a timely and efficient manner is often an enormous challenge. It is therefore understandable that there is a desire to digitize and thus simplify the process around incoming invoice processing. The intuitive application SAP Vendor Invoice Management by OpenText (SAP VIM) provides a remedy for all companies that use SAP solutions.

SAP VIM – Digital incoming invoices, smart and clever for SAP solutions

With SAP Invoice Management by OpenText, all process steps of invoice processing are digitized. Regardless of whether the invoices are received in paper format or electronically as a PDF, they can be processed further.

Invoices are scanned, uploaded as a PDF or directly by email and archived directly in an audit-compliant manner. After automatic allocation, the responsible employees can check and process the invoices in their own workplace. Once the invoice has been approved, it is automatically paid with the next payment run.

Automation of incoming invoice processing

By automating the processes, your employees are only involved in the process in exceptional cases defined by you. The majority of invoices that are manually entered and sent for approval today pass through the process automatically. Increased quality, reduction of complexity, shorter processing times, elimination of decentralized filing, the exhaustion of possible discount deductions, uniform processes for paper, electronic and digital invoices, as well as the focusing of employees on invoices that fall within the exception definition are the positive consequences of such process optimization.

Guarantee of archiving and retention periods

The process also ensures that the involved employees can complete their tasks quickly, easily and also on mobile devices in accordance with internal competence rules. At the same time, archiving, and retention periods are guaranteed through the connection to the central archive.