We create jobs for people seeking protection from Ukraine and thus support a new SAP initiative. Therefore, we are also expanding our acquisition activities more strongly in the direction of English-speaking projects.

We support people who had to or wanted to flee Ukraine due to the war and are thus participating in a new initiative launched by SAP. The programe helps professionals and graduates to find a job through the software company’s partner network. As an SAP partner, we are now creating jobs for people seeking protection in Switzerland and Germany.

“It is very close to our hearts to support Ukrainians in this incredibly difficult time. And this is how we can make a contribution,” says Christian Bläuenstein, CEO of dataworld. For him, however, it is not a short-term commitment. His goal is to offer long-term employment. According to Bläuenstein, the foundation of a subsidiary in Ukraine is conceivable in the future, so that the refugees can return to their home country in due course and have a perspective there.

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We are now looking for companies that currently have projects to assign in the SAP environment and at the same time would like to support those directly affected by the war. We will then implement these projects with the new employees from Ukraine – in English project language. In addition to the usual SAP topics and areas, we are also interested in those that are not currently covered.

As part of the SAP initiative, refugees and interested parties from Ukraine can network with SAP partners via the existing platforms FreshFaces, Talent Hub and flynne. The latter can also present themselves there and advertise jobs they would like to offer. However, Ukrainians can also contact us directly about the advertisements.