SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP12 Release

Which functions are new with the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP12 release?

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  • Master data of new customers can be downloaded into one scenario for several customers
  • New change request management scenarios:
    • Automatic creation of test plans
    • Automatic update of change document status

Process coordination

  • Merge logical component groups into one solution
  • Monitor usage and performance data of executable units
  • Mass move elements from the business process structure to the library

Test Suite

  • Archiving function for Test Suite objects
  • Custom selection of test cases statuses during test plan copy

Change Control Management

  • Retrofit:
    • SNOTE integration
    • Display target order
    • Set status for multiple objects
    • Timestamps and users in logs
  • Eclipse integration:
    • Assign change documents
    • Request whitelist objects
  • Git-enabled Change and Transport System (gCTS)
  • WebClient UI:
    • Automatic creation of test plans
    • Status update after successful test

Application operations

  • Schedule ad hoc work modes
  • “Search and replace” function for recipients of automatic notifications
  • Manage multiple tasks in the task inbox
  • Central job overview and SMSE monitoring
  • Close outages for grey alerts and work mode changes
  • Show details of original alert outage processing
  • Exclude availability alerts that should not be recorded as SAM outages

Business process operation

  • App Insight into the process flow
  • Schedule cross–database comparisons: suppress record counting in source systems
  • Automated creation of object sets, execution of ATC checks and transfer of results to the Integration Repository
  • Simple job application:
    • Job chain documentation
    • Ongoing request check at the beginning of a request and not only when submitting it
    • Default setting of the external scheduler indicator
    • Backup of the content of the EJA confiugration table
  • Job documentation:
    • Mass maintenance: New BAdl operation FILL_CUSTOM_XBP_PARAMETERS
    • Job scheduling in SAP BPA via SMSE: Updating the job definition name via SAP BPA
  • Support merging of logical component groups

More information about the new, changed and deleted functions in SAP Solution MAnager 7.2 SP12 can be found here.