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Focused Build

Business Performance Readiness View

The numerous reporting functions included in Focused Build and the Solution Readiness Dashboard support you in your implementation project. The Test Suite Dashboard ensures that everything has been tested and the Release Dashboard provides you with all the information you need for a smooth go-live of your project.

The Focused Build SP07 release also introduces the Document Readiness Dashboard, which features a Business Process Readiness view. Using this dashboard, you can select the solution, line of business and documentation scope and use these selection criteria to drill down to the associated requirements, work packages and work items to see the status of the current implementation project.

Synchronized project maintenance

With the SP07 release of Focused Build, you can create new Master and Build projects. This allows you to update status, dates and sort numbers in the master projects and at the same time the changes are automatically synchronized in the associated build projects.

Improved usability and error prevention

Ease of use:

  • Displaying all details of the transport of copies in the “My Work Items” application for the developers
  • Adding a field for the requirements team to the requirement or adding the ability in requirements management to create a work package directly from the requirement detail view

Error prevention:

  • Support for the end user in porject selection in the “My Work Package” application by including the scope of documentation
  • Additional check in the solution documentation that prevents deletion of files used in the test steps

This is only a summary of the new and changed functions. You can find more information here.

Focused Insights

IT-KPIs with BexQueries

IT KPIs with BexQueries give you real-time insight into your organization“ s service performance. This enables you to proactively solve problems, ensure business continuity and drive business innovation.

User-defined reports with BexViews

With BexViews, you can generate detailed, situation-specific reports based on your IT KPIs to help you improve your IT service management.

ITSM reports with CRM search

ITSM standard reports can be extended with user-defined reports from the ITSM CRM search.

WEB application monitoring

With Focused Insight Release SP07, you get access to all performance application KPIs in any form and can monitor application performance KPIs.

Alerts Management Reporting

By combining alert reporting and real-time alert views, you can increase IT efficiency. You get real-time view with a direct link to SAP Solution Manger alert inbox.

For more information on the Focused Insights SP07 release, click here.