The QR-bill – The basis for more efficient payment transactions

The QR-bill creates the basis for more efficient payment transactions – for all parties involved. Take the necessary arrangements so that you too can take a step towards the digital future and pay incoming QR invoices automatically from 30 June 2020!


What to do so that your company can benefit from the QR-bill?

Prepare yourself in time! It is best to contact your payment transaction partners – your bank and us – now. This way you can ensure that the planning and conversion work will be completed by 30 June 2020. Because you could receive QR-bills due for payment as early as the following day.

  • Budget  and start projects early
  • Analyze how your company pays bills today
    With a payment order? In e-banking? Via payment software with file transfer? Or on the basis of complex accounts payable processes with various software solutions?
  • Where action is needed
    In accounts payable and payment software. Check the vendor master data and supplement it with IBANs and, if necessary, QR-IBANs. Are your readers or scanning platforms compatible? Make sure that your hardware and software can read and process QR codes.

These are the changes for bill recipients

  • A QR code contains all payment-relevant data
  • New payment references “QR Reference” and “Creditor Reference”
  • Account number formats: Only IBAN or “QR-IBAN” now

These are your advantages as invoice recipient

  • Simplified invoice processing
    One QR code for all payment types and payment references. Simple and secure capture of payment data in the Swiss QR Code by readers and smartphones.
  • All payment information integrated in the Swiss QR Code
    Increased automation in the accounts payable process. Improved data quality thanks to more and more precise information in standardized form.
  • Fewer errors during scanning
    The ability to scan all payment-relevant data from the Swiss QR Code offers more efficient payment processing.
  • Saves time and money because of less manual effort
    Thanks to continuously automated payment references from the ordering party to the recipient.
  • Digital and documented
    The QR-bill supports both: digital payments and payments by post or at the post office counter.

These are your additional advantages as a biller

  • Invoicing in CHF and EUR
  • Simplified payment reconciliation, less manual effort
  • Electronic transmission of all payment information