SAP Extended ECM

We link your documents and processes in real time at one site, regardless of whether the data are structured or unstructured, whether SAP, Office, Salesforce, Oracle, photos, etc., transaction-oriented processes as well as static details.

We are your sparring partner for open text and SAP services. As a solution provider, we ensure that you work with state-of-the-art technology at all times and use the business models tailored to your situation.

SAP services

Our solutions are based on the latest SAP software. With our single source solutions, we help you to link all business-relevant information in such a way that you generate the biggest possible benefit from your data for your business.

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SAP invoice management

Thanks to automatic data extraction and alignment with SAP data, our solutions enable you to manage a large number of invoices within the shortest period of time in a cost-effective and error-free manner.

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Open text services

With open text, you break up your in-house silos with a single source system. The OpenText ECM suite is one of the leading enterprise content management systems and allows centrally classifying, managing and archiving long term all structured and unstructured data including e-mails in the company.

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